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Saint Aubin’s Epic Vision of ‘Tomorrow’

Saint Aubin

Alt-rock meets existential angst, but it’s actually quite uplifting.

Saint Aubin – Tomorrow

What do you think of when you think of tomorrow? (My musical theatre kid self goes straight to Annie, and Bugsy Malone, but that’s neither here nor there.) Well, Saint Aubin’s ‘Tomorrow’ is a curious mixture of despair and hope and anticipation, and all the emotions that thinking of tomorrow might bring. It makes for a compelling track.

Saint Aubin is a singer-songwriter from Indianapolis, whom you can also find podcasting and, in his own words, ‘goofing around’. His latest batch of songs have a more serious tone than expected, though – he admits that after losing his mother a year ago, he had to process the grief through songs.

‘Tomorrow’ is an oscillating alt-rock anthem to loss, confusion, and the strange euphoria of being alive.

‘Tomorrow, I fear you, tomorrow in a bayou’ sings Saint Aubin, expressing his fear of entrapment as the track intermittently stops and starts beneath him, like a faulty car. The lyrics tend towards the despairing – ‘everyone’s dying, when will the misery end’ – but with the major harmony and the raspy vocals, there’s a standing-on-a-cliff-edge quality to it all that takes it somewhere epic instead of depressing. (The track does close with an anguished scream, though.)

There are influences of 90s-2000s pop-punk a la Blink 182 and Nickelback in the guitars, alongside stuttering video-game synths and faraway wails. There are also hints of big 80s sounds in there, along the lines of Simple Minds. At just over 2 minutes, this track will leave some dissatisfied and wanting more, but it’s still a charismatic song filled with compelling emotion.

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Words Eden Tredwell