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Roseland En Why Cee Takes Inspiration From Bené In City Of God

Roseland En Why Cee

Roseland En Why Cee exudes good vibes in the new single ‘Bené’s A Hipster Now.

Roseland En Why Cee – Bené’s A Hipster Now

South London-based Nathan Jamal aka Roseland En Why Cee, is more than just another Alternative rapper, his background as a songwriter, composer, and well-rounded musician sets him apart from the rest, this is more than evident in his vast musical arsenal, with the track Bené’s A Hipster Now working as a good testimony of such talent.

For Roseland, music seems to be a talent that runs in the family, his father was a recognized performer in the reggae scene, and this early exposure to music could explain his love for this form of art. Later, in his teenage years, he started rapping, cutting his teeth in the UK’s rap scene. Afterwards, he enrolled at Brighton University, where he studied jazz, followed by a degree in popular music in London, specializing in bass guitar.

Different forms of art and culture play a crucial role in Roseland’s sound, and his latest offering Bené is no exception, being inspired by the acclaimed Brazilian film City of God, as he explains in detail:

I re-watched the film City of God after years and remembered how much I connected to the character of Bené. I thought it would be fun to reimagine him in a world that was part 70s Rio, part modern-day London. Blending parts of myself into the character until the lines start to blur. Bené’s story would be really empowering if it weren’t for the tragic twist at the end. Unfortunately, that’s a reality for so many lives. I think my way of dealing with tragedy is to face it head-on and try to find the beauty in and around the negative parts.”

A song with such inspiring thematic needed an equally ambitious production, fortunately, Roseland has that base covered with what is one of the smoothest works he has crafted to this day. Bené is a colourful soundscape composed of harmonic back vocals, alluring synths, and minimal drums that enrich the clever rhymes. All this results in a stress killer with exceptional wordplay.

Bené’s A Hipster Now is a laid-back jammer fueled by good vibes and a hypnotizing production.

Bené is part of Orixás: enslaved Africans used catholic saints as proxies to allow them to worship their deities in secret, Roseland’s new EP, contains five tracks where he puts himself in the shoes of five pop culture characters. With such compelling concepts and ideas, we are eager to see what this skilled artist will do next.

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Words Javier Rodriguez