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Posse Unit Score Dance Floor Filler With A Fiverr

Posse Unit - I Don't Know

Working as a testament to the benefits of the digital era, the collective known as Posse Unit has spent the last year and a half releasing one bopper after the other, having great results in the process, with their track I Don’t Even Know exemplifying this.

Posse Unit – I Don’t Even Know

The dreadful pandemic brought a big halt to countless projects worldwide, concerts cancelled, tours postponed, and overall, the Music industry got stopped indefinitely. As frustrating as the situation was, for UK-based songwriter Ben Hill, this meant an opportunity to think out of the box, through the platform Fiverr, he connected with producers and musicians from all over the globe, which led to the creation of the conglomerate known as Posse Unit.

In less than two years, Posse Unit has proved to be a great success, with their debut song Everybody Party reaching number seven on the iTunes chart in South Africa. And as if this wasn’t good enough, some of their other tracks like She’s My Lady and Move It Up & Shake It Down have earned thousands of streams, an accolade achieved once more with the latest single, I Don’t Even Know.

IDEK is an EDM gem tailor-made for clubs and rave festivals, a wall of colourful synths infused with melodious vocals,  evoking the perfect atmosphere for any party, creating an irresistible pop hymn. For this melody, Ben worked with Aleinad, talented L. A singer who is a recurrent collaborator of this group.

I Don’t Even Know is an exciting piece, full of groove and high energy, a perfect match for a euphoric night at the club.

For a project with such a short time of existence, the number of achievements on its record is nothing less than impressive. Ben Hill and his team are certainly doing things the right way, and hopefully, this will be only the beginning of this fun and entertaining act.

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Words Javier Rodriguez