Quarry – Micro Plastic People

Quarry’s ‘Micro Plastic People’ is cool, funky and upbeat, juxtaposing against its grave and urgent message.

Inspired by the documentary film to which the track is named after, ‘Micro Plastic People’ serves as a reminder of the atrocities that the human race is committing against our planet.

Feature In The Music Video

The track’s quirky music video features a man wound up in dense sheets of plastic, struggling to escape. It’s simple, but incredibly effective. It’s an image of suffocation a bleak reminder of the suffering and suffocation that our planet’s wildlife is subjected to each and every day, and a clear warning that humans will soon be next if we do not rectify our way of life. The song’s message is clear: scrap the plastic, or the plastic scraps us.

Quarry – Micro Plastic People

Quarry sings in an ironic, cynical tone, with vocals filtered through half cut plastic bottles and plastic percussions. The deceptively buoyant vibe of the song seems to be mocking the lunacy of the planet’s current situation, and the lack of concern from sadly all too many people, including government figures and leaders. The lyrics, “it was out of control”, simply but perfectly capture the extremity of the situation, along with other images of choking and destruction that are cleverly woven into the track’s message. The song’s brilliant lyricism is almost like a chant at moments, with the track’s title being repeated over and over again. It’s like a protest; a call to arms, a cry for change.

This is a powerful song, with a powerful message, and an aim to unite people in the war against plastic.

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Words Rachel Makinson