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Proverbial Cool Aid Share An Anthem For Lost Love ‘It Goes Sometimes’

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Proverbial Cool Aid return with a rock anthem for lost love.

Proverbial Cool Aid – It Goes Sometimes

Time heals everything, so they say. Memories of breakups and heartache and lost loves will haunt us all, but they’ll haunt us less as each day passes. Then you wake up one day to realise you haven’t thought about that person for days, or weeks. Or as Proverbial Cool Aid put it, much more succinctly, ‘it goes sometimes’. 

Proverbial Cool Aid are a 3-piece alt-rock band hailing from Houston, Texas. With their debut album released in 2022, they’re showing no signs of slowing down, with this track being their second release of 2023.

‘It Goes Sometimes’ is an alt-rock anthem dedicated to slowly moving on from an ex-lover, with a blunt turn of phrase and a heart on its sleeve.

The lyrics are simple, yet oddly effective, stating truths baldly – ‘You know I think of you, it’s almost all I do, then it goes sometimes’. The melodies are quirky yet catchy, with the ‘it goes sometimes’ hook quickly becoming memorable. The vocals are delivered with heavy reverb as if they’re being sung through a megaphone – it’s a strange effect that gives the track a sort of spacey detachment. It mars the impact of the lead vocals, but it’s certainly memorable. 

The production sits firmly in the indie-rock world, with some influences from 2000s pop-punk acts. Clanging guitars playing power chords mesh with chugging bass and upbeat drums. There are also some sweetly melodic guitar lines woven throughout the song before it comes to an abrupt end. This is an interesting blunt little alt-rock track that won’t be for everyone, but will certainly capture many with its idiosyncratic charm. 

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Words Eden Tredwell