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Pledge Music. Connecting Artists & Fans


Since 2009, online music platform PledgeMusic has provided artists with an outlet to connect with their fans directly through two different types of campaigns. First, you have the acts who use the site to simply sell pre-orders of their upcoming project, which is often rare and/or limited in its release. Then, there is the option for artists to set up a direct-to-fan campaign in which fans can pledge a specific amount of money to an in-the-works project. The campaigns typically offer different tiers of perks for contributors and, typically, the more money you pledge, the better (and more interesting) the reward.

Pledge can be especially help for independent, lesser-known artists who are trying to establish themselves and build a fanbase on their own terms. They’re able to share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, tease or stream new singles, and provide updates on the project they’re working on as part of their campaign. And in this post, we’re highlighting three up-and-coming acts who are using Pledge to get their music heard and accomplish their goals, all of which actually vary from one artist to the next.

Bec Sandridge

First up is Bec Sandridge, an Australian indie pop/folk artist whose campaign centers on her upcoming European tour. She’s hoping to raise funds as a means to replace not one but two of her beloved instruments—her acoustic guitar was stolen from her car while her electric guitar snapped in half. Anyone who contributes (there’s a $14 minimum) receives her latest EP, Wild Heart, in addition to never-before-heard demo cuts. If you’re in need of catchy, endearing and (likely) new tunes from a bubbling artist, you should check out her material.

The Soil & The Sun

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based seven-piece The Soil & The Sun flirt with a number of different sounds with their approach to songwriting. But for those in need of a description, here goes: They like to inject spaced-out, psychedelic vibes into what is equally orchestral and straight-up rock. Their third album, Meridian, is ready for a release, and the band is looking to head out on the road to spread the word. Depending on how much you pledge, you can receive a copy of the record (even on cassette!), drumsticks signed by the drummer, and a variety of other goodies.

The Blue Stones

Bluesy guitars mixed with a garage-y mentality drive the music of Canadian duo The Blue Stones, who gained a strong buzz in 2012 with the release of How’s That Sound on Bandcamp. Now, they’re gearing up to release their anticipated full-length debut album and here’s the kicker for anyone who contributes ($9 minimum) to the campaign: You get a full copy of the record before anyone else. There are a slew of perks available for contributors depending on how much they pledge, including T-shirts, handwritten lyric sheets, and even an executive producer credit. If you happen to help the two reach their goal and it goes over the amount, a whopping 50 percent will be donated directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Canada charity.