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Peacock Method Decide To Take It ‘Slowly’

Peacock Method Slowly

Add some disco flare, funky catchiness, and more importantly, four musicians with a hunger to inspire spectators with their art, and what you get is Peacock Method, the ultimate recipe for an indie band like no other. This multifaceted outfit from Manchester is here to make a statement with their extravagant musical style.

Peacock Method – Slowly

Peacock Method has a butterfly-effect-Esque type of origin, which goes back to the lockdown days, the surviving members of two indie bands from Manchester found new life in this peculiar project. This over-the-top union is composed of Lucas Berry (bass/guitar), Adam Kenny (Vocals/keys), Richard Newton (guitar/backing vocals), and Chris Storer (drums).

Slowly is a no holds barred tune with a flirtatious connotation and unfiltered bluntness, making this piece the perfect accompaniment for a Saturday night.

Their first single, ‘I Don’t Mind’ was a ray of light aiming toward life in a post-pandemic world, in a period where uncertainty still prevails, this track strives to bring back joy and cheerfulness to people, using the power of music to reminisce how life was before these tumultuous times.

Slowly shares some of the characteristics that define this outfit sonically speaking, like for example, the driven funky beat, the danceable synth passages, and the soothing vocals, the big difference with their debut lies in the sensual and flirty subject of this melody.

As expected, the theme of this tune is anything but common, just like the group it belongs to:

an indifferent approach to casual sex and a tongue-in-cheek comment on the sensations of a one-night stand. It’s about living life too quickly and switching up presumptive roles of genders in the bedroom.” said the band about the song.

Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, Peacock Method emerged from a troublesome epoch with the sole purpose of helping out with their talent and healing some wounds during the process. If this is just the appetizer, we can’t even imagine what a full LP from these guys could sound like, and with more gigs and future releases on the horizon, this is just the beginning for this young collective.

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Words Javier Rodriguez