New Divide Explores Toxic Love On ‘Delora’

Delora the new song from New Divide explores the pain of being in an abusive relationship and becoming ever more dependent on your loved one.

New Divide – Delora

“Delora” opens with some bare guitar strumming. The simple instrumentation underscores the loneliness, as lead singer Charlotte Isobel weepily whispers: “Oh Delora, stay away from me / ‘Cause you’re like poison in my skin”. The sound is tame at first, but already sports a rawness that predicts the more dramatic explosion to come.

As she keeps relaying her tale, the melody blooms into a fully formed Evanescence-esque number. “You only call me / When you’re off your head / Why can’t I be your drug instead”, laments our girl, striving to be her loved one’s drug of choice, instead of a mere occasional pastime. Dramatic metal-pop really is one of the best sounds to rock along to while unravelling toxic corrosive stories of one-sided love.

The soundscape keeps getting more sombre with stuttering percussion, ever more distorted guitars and eerie synthesisers, accompanying our girl’s every hurtful word. She simply can’t muster the strength to say no and keeps sinking into this rabbit hole where the line between love and hate gets ever thinner. By the time it gasps at its last note, the song is really resembling a suspense thriller score. No way out, she’s trapped.

This fantastic number is New Divide’s second offering after their debut single “All I am” garnered airplay from the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. They hail from Manchester and pride themselves on their dark, haunting sound, which sets them apart from the typical indie rock of their hometown.

“The eerie atmosphere created by stuttering percussions and distorted guitars perfectly translates the agony of being trapped in a one-sided love story”

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