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Monique La Chapelle Releases Debut ‘The Hopeful Romantic’

Monique La Chapelle The Hopeful Romantic

After years of mastering her craft, Monique La Chapelle has revealed her dreamy debut, The Hopeful Romantic, a compilation of seven tracks fueled by her experiences and unique vision of life, determined to reach for the stars and higher.

Monique La Chapelle – The Hopeful Romantic

For Monique, growing up in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago influenced her sound significantly, being exposed from an early age to the fascinating Soca music (Soul of Calypso). Later on, she would find inspiration in legendary performers such as Adele, Alicia Keys, and Heather Headley.

Her debut single Eviction Notice reached the number 1 spot for six weeks on the Caribbean Indigenous Music charts, the most logical course of action after that positive reception was a full album. With The Hopeful Romantic, Monique looks to expand her sonic repertoire while experimenting with new ideas.

The first delivery of this LP, Everyone Wants Love, is a sweet piece that exemplifies what Monique is all about. The acoustic guitar and lively rhythms accentuate Monique’s gifted voice.

Forever With You (the first official single of this work) focuses more on the electronic spectrum, of course, without losing the lovey-dovey theme. This shift in the production adds diversity to the sound of this record.

Honeybee takes a slower approach, being a tender ballad with a gorgeous piano accompaniment. Meanwhile, It Doh Matter goes back to the electro territory, with foot-tapping beats mixed with infectious back vocals.

And just when you thought you had Monique figured out, she takes another musical turn with Just Say So, a refreshing Soul piece with a dazzling horn section that will send chills down your spine.

Know My Name is the powerhouse of the entire album, functioning as an epic tune where Monique assertively proclaims she will follow her dreams and never give in no matter what, delivered through majestic instrumentation and a cathartic ending.

Let Me Tell You comes full circle, ending this aural adventure with the best mood possible, offering a collaboration with the talented singer Zachary De Lima in an upbeat melody filled with joy and cheerfulness.

The Hopeful Romantic is an endearing celebration of love and life conveyed through the power of music.

Monique La Chapelle has proved that hard work pays off. Her newest offering is a delightful auditive journey where she projects her passion, dreams, and especially her fond appreciation for this form of art, truly a gem worth checking out.

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Words Javier Rodriguez