Boom Dice & Avie Sheck Ft. Lil Esso ‘Show Me More’

Bringing the best out of three worlds, producer Boom Dice has gathered a formidable squad of artists, teaming up with Avie Sheck and Lil Esso for a smooth R&B jam called Show Me More in what feels like a match made in heaven.

Boom Dice & Avie Sheck Ft. Lil Esso – ‘Show Me More’

Boom Dice is a multi-Grammy-nominated / BRIT award-winning producer, songwriter, and artist from Toronto. His vast and formidable curriculum includes collaborations with icons such as Jay Z, Disclosure, John Newman, and Sofi Tukker, among many more.

Aside from the millions of streams achieved, he has also received several awards, including gold and platinum certifications.

On this occasion, he has chosen to work with singer Avie Sheck and the rapper Lil Esso for his newest offering, Show Me More.

Los Angeles-based Avie Sheck is a performer with influences from Nu Metal to Hip-hop and R&B. His versatile vocal range and captivating live shows have made him an upcoming act worth keeping an eye on.

The last element of this musical equation is Lil Esso, a Canadian rapper with three and a half years of experience creating and mixing his own work. Since day one, he has demonstrated to possess an innate talent that has made some heads turn, including Boom Dice himself.

Following some unsuccessful attempts, Boom Dice found in Avie and Lil Esso the ideal accompaniment for this stunning musical work, as he explains:

After trying a number of times with artists that just didn’t bring the track to life, I would say my inspiration was to prove a point that you don’t have to give up on a piece of music and that it will always find the right home in the end. It is a lesson I have always told artists I work with and it is proven time after time in my day-to-day output.”

As soon as the song starts, Avie’s light and energetic vocals become the focal point, adding an extra flair to Boom’s smooth production, which consists of minimal beats and layered effects. Setting the stage for Lil Esso to show up and spit some hot bars, this conjunct effort results in a jammer overflowed with sensuality and swag.

Show Me More is a delightful tune, succeeding thanks to its stellar production and vibrant performances.

Boom Dice’s experience as a top-tier producer is more than evident in this gem, not only in the studio but also at the time of choosing his coworkers. Elegantly alluring and provocative, this is a piece that you won’t be able to forget.

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Words Javier Rodriguez