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Matt Saxton’s Garage Inspired Dreams of ‘Freedom’

Matt Saxton - Freedom single review on Right Chord Music

Discover Matt Saxton ‘Freedom’ Garage and drum & bass with a singer-songwriter sensibility.

Matt Saxton – ‘Freedom’

What does freedom mean to us? We’ve all dreamed of freedom from stress, freedom from work, freedom from responsibility. But Matt Saxton’s vision of ‘Freedom’ is a less common, but not unrelatable one – freedom from ourselves. Our own minds are the ultimate inescapable enemy sometimes – so who hasn’t wished to be someone else for a couple hours or so? 

Matt Saxton is a singer-songwriter hailing from the UK, whose years of releases have spanned and blended genres from folk to rock to electronica. Anyone enjoying this track can dive into a healthy back catalogue!

‘Freedom’ is a melancholic electronic track dedicated to escapism, which is saved from being overly sad by its driving rhythms and uplifting melodies.

The simple yet effective melodies describe a real longing to get away from oneself, ‘even if it’s just for an hour’. A desire to be transported into another life, ‘even if it puts me right down in the middle of the road’. Saxton’s voice is understated yet compelling, and the graceful melodies layer and repeat until they create something hypnotic, and the titular ‘Freedom’ hook gets firmly stuck into your brain. 

The production begins with a classic garage beat alongside a flowing piano riff and again builds up subtly yet effectively. There are beautiful harmonies, layers of synths, and cello-like bass lines, all rising and falling in turn. The melodic sensibilities bring to mind acts like Daft Punk, while the beats are more classic garage acts like 3 of a Kind, but the songwriting definitely has a more classic singer-songwriter feel. A compelling track from Matt Saxton. 

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Words Eden Tredwell