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Match & Fuse Festival (Win Tickets)

Match & Fuse

Match & Fuse is a three-day festival across three venues in East London: showcasing an exhilarating diversity of new music across a multitude of genres and featuring new works from Elliot Galvin, Shabaka Hutchings, James Allsopp, Rebecca Sneddon & Lunch Money and featuring SynKoke. Pixel, Lazy Habits, The Comet Is Coming, Eirik Tofte M&F Orchestra, Monkey Plot w/ Frode Gjerstad, Lana Trio w/ John Butcher, Snorkel, Physics House Band, Wolfram Trio and many more.

Sounds good right? What’s even better is we have a pair of free tickets to give-away! To win them, just answer this simple question. Who founded Match & Fuse? (Hint the answer is below) Send your answers to us here at RCM via our contact form.

The competition has now been closed, and the winner notified. Thanks to everyone that entered.

2nd Oct The Vortex, 8pm, £10, £7 adv, or before 9pm SynKoke + schnellertollermeier + Elliot Galvin Trio w/ Harald Lassen + Pixel

3rd Oct Rich Mix, 8pm £14, £9 early bird ticket or before 9pm Lazy Habits, Doffs Poi, Nohaybandatrio w/James Allsopp, The Comet Is Coming, Ben See/Bellatrix/Grace Savage

4th Oct Café Oto 8pm £10, £12 wristband for combined Café Oto and Vortex entry; + strictly ltd £9 early bird wristband Eirik Tofte M&F Orchestra, Monkey Plot w/ Frode Gjerstad, Free Nelson Mandoomjazz, Lana Trio w/ John Butcher

4th Oct Vortex 8pm £10, £12 wristband for combined Café Oto and Vortex entry; + strictly ltd £9 early bird wristband Snorkel, Eirik Tofte M&F Orchestra, Physics House Band, Lunch Money, Twinscapes. Plus Wolfram Trio in the Downstairs Bar FREE ENTRY

Full Festival Pass x three nights – £24 (Buy tickets)

Taking in four shows over three nights, in three venues, Match&Fuse festival 2014 features extreme jazz, brute rock, hip hop, beat boxers, doom jazz, happy jazz hard-core, ambient soundscapes, electronica and acoustic free jazz, with a deliberate mixing of genres and styles on each night, specifically designed to bring a diversity of music to the audience. The festival features bands from Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland and England. Originally set up by Dave Morecroft of World Service Project in 2011, Match&Fuse is a touring exchange network and annual festival with the primary aim of connecting creative scenes across Europe. M&F have produced festivals and tours in UK, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark,Poland, Ireland and Norway. This year the festival which first took place in London in 2012 returns home after visiting Oslo in 2013 and Rome in June 2014. With an emphasis on local culture and its transmission across borders M&F facilitates shared platforms for like-minded artists and the creation of new artistic material through international collaboration and works within underground scenes that comprise distinctive audiences built through cutting-edge artistry.

At the heart of M&F are new collisions and partnerships between artists and the festival is sprinkled with new collisions and adventures such as UK saxophonist James Allsopp and Italian avant jazz-rockers Nohaybandatrio and Ben See’s specifically created vocal ensemble featuring two up-and-coming vocalists and two world-champion beatboxers – Ben See, Sam Coates, Grace Savage and Bellatrix. Indeed the creation of new artistic works is central to the M&F philosophy. New work is usually formed in a live or practical setting through the ‘fusing’ of groups or artists’ individual approaches and the festival will features new works by leading UK instrumentalists and composers Elliot Galvin, Shabaka Hutchings (appearing here as part of The Comet Is Coming), James Allsopp, Rebecca Sneddon (appearing with the brilliant doom jazz trio, Free Nelson Mandoomjazz)as well as the band Lunch Money.

The festival opens at the Vortex on Thursday 2nd October with an intriguing line-up featuring Norwegian extreme jazzers, SynKoke, Swiss extremists Schnellertollermeier who play music that veers from fee improve to brute rock, award-winning pianist Elliot Galvin presenting new music featuring Norwegian saxophonist Harald Lassen and the brilliant high energy Pixel. On Friday the festival takes over Rich Mix for an awesome bill featuring Hip Hop from Lazy Habits, a new vocal ensemble from Ben See featuring two champion female beat boxers alongside (bellatrix and Grace are the female beatboxers) Bellatrix and Grace Savage, alongside Sun Ra and Zappa influenced post-apocalyptic music from Shabaka Hutchings andThe Comet Is Coming and avant-jazz rock from Italy, featuring our very own James Allsopp. On Saturday the festival returns to Dalston with shows at both Café Oto and The Vortex (with a wristband available for entry to both venues) and a line-up that takes in doom jazz from Free Nelson Mandoomjazz and improv from Lana Trio w/ John Butcher at Café Oto to left field ambient from Twinscapes, electronica meets dub and afro-beat from Snorkel, and prog jazz from Physics House Band at The Vortex.

Match & Fuse Festival London 2014 culminates with a procession featuring the The Eirik Tofte Match&Fuse Orchestra (a new ensemble named in honour of the late Eirik Tofte instigator of M&F Oslo who sadly passed away last year) as they go directly from their headlining set at Café Oto on a midnight march to The Vortex where they will perform a brief set before Snorkel close the festival, bringing two of London’s best venues together for the night: Just as Match & Fuse brings musicians and audiences together.