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Martha May Has One ‘Birthday Wish’

Martha May Birthday Wishes on Right Chord Music

Introducing Martha May, an up-and-coming artist who has recently unveiled her latest offering, ‘Birthday Wish.’

Martha May – Birthday Wish

Hailing from Croatia but now making her home in the United Kingdom, Martha May is an indie-pop singer/songwriter known for her empathetic and soulful musical style. Her songs delve into themes of human relationships, self-love, and emotions, creating a deep connection with her listeners.

Martha’s musical journey began when she moved to the UK at the age of eighteen to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre at The University of Chichester. It was during her college years that she also picked up the guitar, perfecting her skills as a composer and lyricist. Her dedication to her craft led her to achieve a Master’s Degree in Popular Music Practice from BIMM University in London.

Having honed her talent in these prestigious institutions, Martha had the privilege of gracing the stages of some of London’s most iconic venues, including Spice of Life, Slim Jim’s, The Water Rats, The Bedford, and even an acoustic set at the historic Battersea Power Station. Notably, she gained widespread exposure and recognition across Europe through her participation in the Dora-Croatian Eurovision National Final with her track Distance, which marked her television debut.

Following the positive reception of Distance, Martha May is now embarking on the next chapter of her musical journey with her latest release, Birthday Wish. This soul-stirring melody delves into the sensitive topic of body dysmorphia and the emotional toll of teasing or criticizing individuals afflicted by this challenging condition. Drawing from her own personal experiences, Martha’s soulful lyrics resonate deeply with her audience.

Set against a backdrop of candid production, Martha’s tender vocals glide effortlessly, laying bare her unfiltered passion. The track features sweet, delicate guitar strums and gentle drum beats that create a beautifully melancholic atmosphere.

“Birthday Wish is a poignant testament to Martha May’s exceptional songwriting skills, striking a chord with its emotional depth.”

With lyrics that carry a highly emotional value, an undeniably gifted voice, and a heartfelt message, Martha May is proving that her years of hard work and dedication to her craft have paid off. This work is a testament to her promising future as an artist who wears her heart on her sleeve.

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Words Javier Rodriguez