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Can Matilda Gracia Bring ‘Orpheus’ Back?

Matilda Gracia Orpheus on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Matilda Gracia’s moody Greek mythology track Orpheus.

Matilda Gracia – ‘Orpheus’

‘You used to read Greek mythology…’ opens Orpheus, by Matilda Gracia, perhaps unsurprisingly. Some stories we keep coming back to – or in my case, having a tweenage obsession with – because they’re timeless, and the famous tale of thwarted love is one such story. In this track, it’s the inspiration, subject, and the metaphor. 

Matilda Gracia is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer with roots in both Ireland and Spain. She already has a few releases under her belt and gained gig slots at some notable London venues. While studying songwriting, this song arose from an assignment.

‘Orpheus’ is a dreamy and melancholic ballad dedicated to lost love, with influences of blues, folk and singer-songwriter genres.

The evocative lyrics describe a mythology-obsessed ex-lover, whose departure has brought the story into new meaning – ‘I didn’t know back then’, sings Gracia. The chorus is plaintive, singing ‘My Orpheus come back’, but there’s also frustration that the former lover seemingly didn’t have enough faith in the relationship – like the mythical hero, ‘he should have just believed’ and stayed true. Gracia’s smooth vocals carry a hint of blues, sitting easily over the floating melodies. 

The production centres around moody guitar chords, that chug along in a vaguely folky-country way, with restrained, shimmering percussion and ringing piano lines. It’s soothing yet with a hint of underlying tension, rainy day sort of music. Fans of singer-songwriter tunes looking for something mellow should check this out, and keep an eye out for Matilda Gracia’s upcoming EP, due next year. 

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Words Eden Tredwell