Maggie The Cat – I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man


Maggie The Cat enchants with her ominous debut ‘I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man’

‘I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man’ is a captivating blend of Maggie The Cat’s ethereal vocals and cinematic ambience.

Previously a part of post-punk group Madonnatron, she has branched off to embark on her solo debut release. The solo endeavor aims to keep in tune with Maggie The Cat’s work with Madonnatron whilst adding her own flavour into the mix. The first single of the upcoming album is the bewitching and boldly titled ‘I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man’.

The track features a mystical, menacing and hypnotising atmosphere from the offset which presents an almost theatrical impression. The opening develops gracefully and combines with Maggie The Cat’s soft and ghostly haunting vocals effortlessly whilst still maintaining the sense of unease throughout. The track is subtle and alluring as it gradually takes up the tension and pressure with the introduction of additional instruments.

‘I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man’ feels like it could be plucked straight from an iconic soundtrack.

Due to the track’s unconventional sound and style, it feels ambitious, but Maggie The Cat pulls it off with elegance and grace to make for a strong debut. The slow and enthralling melodies throughout combined with the growing narrative conveyed through the lyrics make for a memorable, chilling, and intriguing track.

As for the comparison to Madonnatron, the subtle influences and essence carry across smoothly. However, Maggie The Cat has taken enough of a change in direction with ‘I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man’ for it to sound refreshing and individualistic.

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Words Holly Hammond