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Maddy Carty Stands Against Misogyny On ‘Not A Fan’ 

Maddy Carty Not A Fan on Right Chord Music

London-based singer-songwriter Maddy Carty is gearing up for her upcoming EP with the release of Not A Fan, her latest single that tackles the issue of misogyny head-on.

Maddy Carty – Not A Fan

Following the success of her previous single Little One, which celebrated parenthood with soulful melodies, Maddy showcases her versatility with Not A Fan. This track not only continues her tradition of compelling songwriting and polished production but also marks a thematic departure. Inspired by personal experiences, Maddy confronts the pervasive issue of misogyny in both the music industry and society at large.

Reflecting on her motivation behind the song, Maddy shares:

“I’ve had the misfortune of working with a few of these men and the last one in particular really inspired me to write about it! Women are often treated as less than and can be overlooked in many industries and we hear so much about it in the media. It’s so frustrating and I think the majority of women will be able to relate to this track, sadly. The more we speak about it, hopefully, the less it will be able to continue.”

Not A Fan not only differs from her previous single thematically but also in its production. While Little One was a subtle piano composition, Not A Fan takes a distinct turn towards R&B, featuring comforting instrumentation including delicate guitar strumming, soothing background vocals, and subtle yet powerful arrangements that complement its empowering lyrics seamlessly.

“Not A Fan stands as a powerful and courageous rebuke against misogyny, delivered with heartfelt sincerity.”

Not A Fan will be part of Maddy Carty’s upcoming EP ‘Otherhood’, a collaborative effort with longtime friend and producer Alex Bayly. Together, they have crafted a sound that perfectly supports Maddy’s themes and lyrical content, building anticipation for the full EP release.

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Words Javier Rodriguez