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Hazey Jane are ‘Worthy of Peace’

Hazey Jane Worthy of Peace on Right Chord Music

London folk duo Hazey Jane have released their heartwarming track, Worthy of Peace, inspired by a life-changing experience.

Hazey Jane – Worthy of Peace

Hailing from London, Hazey Jane is known for crafting songs that delve into themes of joy, calm, and friendship amidst an ever-changing and challenging world. Their sound combines soothing acoustic guitars with traditional folk storytelling. Bobby and Laurent’s long-lasting friendship dates back to their secondary school days, when they played their first show together at the age of 14.

Hazey Jane successfully crowdfunded their debut EP, Us On A Wire, released in August 2016, followed by their first UK headline tour, selling out venues across the southeast. Their sophomore EP, Lifeboat, released in June 2018, received support from BBC Introducing London, Record of the Day, and Sofar Sounds. This success led to performances at several UK festivals, including Glastonbury, The Great Escape, and Cambridge Folk Festival.

Fast forward to June 21, 2024, when Hazey Jane unveiled their latest offering, Worthy of Peace. This sweet folk melody, written by lead singer Bobby, was inspired by his life-saving surgery, which required a five-week hospital stay followed by three months of rehabilitation at home. A prolonged hospital stay can be challenging, but re-emerging into the world makes you appreciate the smallest and seemingly insignificant things so much more. This indescribable sensation of peace forms the thematic core of the composition.

In classic folk fashion, Worthy of Peace embraces these emotions through soothing guitar fingerpicking, serene vocals, harmonious back vocals, and a majestic string section that evokes an atmosphere of grandiose calmness—truly “medicine for the soul.”

Worthy of Peace is an inspiring showcase of folk mastery and a brilliant exercise in the cathartic power of music.

This track is part of the celebration for Hazey Jane’s debut album, Swim, set for release on July 23, with a launch gig at The Lexington in London, supported by Iris & Steel and Austel. Make sure to be there if you enjoy what you hear!

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Words Javier Rodriguez