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Lynden Always Wants To Be With ‘You’

Lynden - You on the Right Chord Music Blog

Pouring raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics, newcomer Lynden has revealed his sophomore track, You, an autobiographical and sincere ode to love.

Lynden – You

Lynden’s musical journey goes all the way back to his childhood, constantly exposed to this form of art, primarily by his parents. Whether it was singing duets with his mom or his dad blasting Coldplay as loud as possible, it was clear from the beginning that music would always be there.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before this artist wanted to start his own path as a musician, which occurred at eleven years old when he began practising guitar. Subsequently, at fifteen, he got into songwriting, inspired by his love of poetry. And in 2018, he graduated with a BA Honours in music production.

His newest track, You, counts with the distinction of being mastered by the talented mastering engineer John Davis, known for his work with renowned artists such as The Killers, Blur, The Kooks, Jamie T, and Inhaler.

Following his debut track See You, Lynden wanted to leave his comfort zone and create a more traditional love melody for his second official single. Here is when You comes into play, working a beautiful narration of how he met his partner and an open letter expressing his feelings for her.

With his second release, Lynden demonstrates that sometimes less is more, with a subtle instrumentation that evokes feelings of an almost therapeutic calmness. Mainly relying on gentle guitar strumming and his passive vocals, this singer successfully delivers these heartwarming lyrics, setting a romantic mood that will strongly resonate with anyone who has ever felt in love.

“You is an endearing auditive story, soulful and touching to the core.”

Lynden certainly knows how to catch one’s attention. His music is just as honest as it is beautiful, and it shows in this piece, which displays the potential of this rising artist. Making us wonder how far he will go from here.

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Words Javier Rodriguez