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Lucy Lane Chases ‘Back To Me’

Lucy Lane Back to Me

Lucy Lane, grungey love songs to your ex are back!

Lucy Lane – Back To Me

‘I’ve been waiting to see how this goes, I’ve been wearing your old clothes’ run the opening lines of Lucy Lane’s ‘Back To Me’. It’s the slightly deranged statement of the ex who hasn’t given up hope yet, and perhaps uncomfortably relatable to a lot of us. But don’t worry, it’s boppy enough to offset that. 

Lucy Lane is a London-based singer-songwriter who made a confident entrance at the beginning of 2022, the pandemic having inspired her to start taking music seriously finally. Refusing to let age or experience hold her back, this marks her third release.

‘Back to Me’ is a grunge mid-tempo love song, led by guitars and a bittersweet tone.

Lane’s lyrics alternate between wry and sincere, as she admits that she’s ‘not accepting the things that I know’ and cries ‘I can’t get over you if I’m chasing the memory’. She tells the story of the limbo state of a relationship which has ended but not been moved on from – ‘wasting day after day…still anticipating.’ The natural melodies are delivered in her gutsy vocals with a hint of drawl and rasp. 

With its grunge, growling guitars, there’s more than a hint of 90s here, bringing to mind bands like Nirvana and the riot grrl movement. But there’s also some 80s in the sharp, echoing drums, with Lane citing INXS and Fleetwood Mac amongst influences. Add in some twinkly synth strings and a rhythmic acoustic guitar, along with some wide-open-space reverb and you’ve got a track that’s easy on the ears, and ready for some long road trip and a couple of bad decisions. 

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Words Eden Tredwell