leo. Shows Emotion and Understanding In ‘Don’t Mind Me’

Nineteen-year-old upcoming artist leo. has crafted a heartwarming pop jam with endearing lyrics and top-notch production, demonstrating why he has earned a loyal fanbase on social media and thousands of plays on streaming services.

leo. Don’t Mind Me

leo. Is a 19-year-old Portuguese singer/songwriter currently residing in the UK, he came onto the scene back in 2018 with his debut song Dreamland, since then he has captivated the minds and hearts of his followers with his exceptional talent and unparalleled persona, releasing gem after gem and his new bop Don’t Mind Me continues with this streak of spectacular singles.

Don’t Mind Me brings to the table the same honest and uncensored passion that leo. has exhibited for so long, but now with some of the most polished and ambitious production of his young career. The playful and upbeat piano chords bond incredibly well with the layers of vocal harmonies and his soft, captivating voice.

Don’t Mind Me is a romantic pop song regarding comprehension and empathy in a relationship.

This tune touches on the frustration of wishing for that special person to open up emotionally, like leo. himself expresses:

Sometimes, though, and mostly due to things out of our control, it’s difficult to fully open up, and to the other person who is ready to take it all in, it can get quite frustrating. I was that other person. And it was getting quite frustrating. The lyrics of ‘don’t mind me’ were my hopeful and direct way of saying “I’m there for you, and I’ll be there until you feel ready to share stuff, but just know it’s safe.”

leo. has all the tools to become a big sensation in music, his songwriting skills, his vivacious charm, and last but not least, his undiminished love for creating music that people can relate to on a personal level. If this is a sign of what to expect on future releases, then we can hope for nothing but great things from this fabulous performer.

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Words Javier Rodriguez