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Lemonade Lake 27 All My Friends Are Boring

Lemonade Lake

There is a delicious melancholic layer covering this triumphant indie track, by Lemonade Lake.

Lemonade Lake 27 (All My Friends Are Boring)

Manchester duo Lemonade Lake are adept songwriters, pushing their style to the limits, and decluttering the indie sound with ease. 27 (All My Friends Are Boring) is their lyrical stance and their utmost feelings laid down, too. When the song rallies home, it perfectly draws out poignant, vivid snapshots of a person lost and broken, walking down streets of dismay.  And the band wants to tell a story; they want to stage their feelings like actors on a stage.

The rhythm joyfully plays out and adds dimensions and stability to the subtle vocals and well-placed guitar riff on this track of substance and grit. The backbeat also arrests the senses, and by not stifling the song, it makes for an original sound. This duo, know how to create a balance between simplicity and complexity too, and on 27 (All My Friends Are Boring) they have not churned out the song to fit the masses, but have meticulously designed a track, which in truth, spreads enough wisdom even though it has its tender moments.

With those elegant basslines and unorthodox sounds, the duo dazzle. Not many musicians have the knack for producing such distinctive music like this. And those sweet guitar moments are mandatory and joyous, taking centre stage. The vocals are stripped back, sending gracious vibes, using the lyrics as feature-length stories. As a track between happy and sad, it truthfully points to the world and its flaws.

Overall, this track, by the talented duo, Lemonade Lake, takes the listener on a musical journey but also doesn’t shy away from detailing the downsides of life.

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Words Mark McConville