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Lazy Guns Strike A Chord With ‘E Song’

Lazy Gun E-Song on Right Chord Music

Discover Lazy Guns’ upbeat heartbreak rock anthem.

Lazy Guns – ‘E Song’

‘There’s something deep in the atmosphere’ begins ‘E Song’, punching straight in with a tense lyric. And why is it called E Song? Don’t overthink it, and don’t hope for any drug references – it’s a commiserating track about the heartbreak that just happens to be in the key of E. Apologies for any disappointment, but it’s still a fun tune.

Lazy Guns are a family band hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Regular RCM readers may recognise their names, and their strength is building with further releases and live slots. This track comes from their debut album, ‘Waste My Breath’.

‘E Song’ is a hooky, upbeat track with classic rock influences and big-hearted energy.

The conversational lyrics commiserate with a break-up, giving a hopeful pep talk with lines like ‘there’s always another way in’. There’s some tenderness as they relate their own experiences – ‘I know you can make it too, it’s nothing I couldn’t take’. – and the chorus ‘what have you done to deserve this?’ hook is instantly catchy. The melodies move naturally, and are delivered in charismatic, rock-raw lead vocals with a casual edge.

The production combines crunchy, energetic guitars with dynamic drumming and stomping bass, throwing in tight vocal harmonies and cowbell for good measure. There are influences of classic rock as well as more modern acts like Jet and the Kaiser Chiefs. With a high-energy sound that promises a good live performance as well, it’s hard not to like this track.

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Words Eden Tredwell