LATO Bring The Funk Grooves On ‘Machine Head Warning’

LATO is an Italian, rising indie ensemble that commands a distinctive brand of rock with influences of electronica and funk. 

LATO – Machine Head Warning

Adding to their uniqueness, there is an ethnic flavour and a propensity for psychedelia on the edges. Building their repertoire and ascending from the underground scene, the band crafted their identity and perfected their expressive and sophisticated sound through hard work and sheer passion. Seeking to take their career to another level, the band released the outstanding single ‘Machine Head Warning’ in early May, paving the way for the launch of their upcoming album “KARISMA”.

‘Machine Head Warning’ is structured around an infectious, hypnotic organ riff and a muscular bass sound, with both of these elements propelling the song forward as guitar pyrotechnics and moody, distinctive vocals provide the spice. Electronics and a concluding saxophone solo are also very interesting elements of the retro-flavoured yet fresh-sounding track. The lyrics focus on the risks of getting carried away by modern machinery’s arrogant and robotic rhythm and forgetting the human element. Whether in music or another context, there is always room for the unexpected and improvisation, mankind’s stock-in-trade.

Machine Head Warning’s addicting groove and catchy delivery are nothing short of remarkable.

Machine Head Warning’ is set to define a new moment for LATO, as the group expands and enhances the concepts present in their latest album, ‘Out Of The Dark’. Led by the creative masterminds Filippo Pavesi and Roberto Fappani, the band is increasingly building the tools to reach a new stage in their career. Be sure to follow them on social media and track their upcoming releases.

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Words Fidel Beserra