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Kaiyra Rises From The Ashes of Dispair With ‘Overnight’ 

Kaiyra - Overnight

Newcomer Kaiyra is ready to take the world by storm with her first single Overnight.

Kaiyra – Overnight

Overnight is the official debut of Kaiyra, singer, songwriter, and producer from Venice, Italy currently based in East London. From an early age, it was clear that music was going to be a fundamental part of her life, she started to learn piano at eight years old and consequently sang at thirteen.

When Kaiyra turned eighteen, she moved to London where she started working as a waitress, subsequently having the opportunity to study production at Point Blank, a recognized music school in the UK. After years of hard work and dedication, this young artist finally got the chance to produce, write and sing her own songs.

Overnight is the product of all that effort, this song explores the memories of a past relationship that unfortunately didn’t work out, but more importantly the significance of accepting what wasn’t meant for us and embracing what the future holds.

Despite how tragic this might sound, this song has all the elements of a blissful summer dance hit with uplifting beats, a compelling chorus, and Kaiyra’s astonishing vocal performance. This contrast of ideas works as a perfect musical metaphor to reflect Kaiyra’s internal conflict when she wrote this tune, making this a pop jam that could easily be part of the mainstream top 100.

Overnight is a high-spirited track that proves how something beautiful can grow out of the ashes of pain and sorrow.

Overnight is available now on all streaming platforms, along with a vibrant music video directed by Kaiyra herself. You can also see her performing live on Thursday, May 12 at Alt. Escape in Brighton at The Quadrant @5pm.

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Words Javier Rodriguez