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Join The Campaign To Support New Music

2016 New Music Pledge

When we started in 20111 our aim was, to show the world that you don’t need to be played on Radio 1 or be signed to a major label to produce incredible music. Every day this belief is strengthened by the stunning music we receive from unsigned bands and independent artists around the world. With your help we can help promote and support even more of these unsung heroes.

1.  Join our Thunderclap campaign to support our artist of the year

To kick things off we’re putting our money where our mouth is by reinvesting our advertising revenue to champion Officer, The 2015 Right Chord Music Artist of The Year. Now we need your help to take his music to the masses, get involved by joining our Thunderclap campaign. Thunderclap uses the power of the crowd to amplify a message. It’s completely free and takes seconds to take part.  Pledge your support here. This campaign is now officially closed, but if you enjoy the video below, please share it on Facebook or Twitter and tell your friends.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]https://youtu.be/A-G3el-alNI[/youtube]

“Intense, intelligent and imaginative. My Darling Defibrillator by Officer, like the rest of the tracks on his début album, Myriads , is more than a song; it’s a romantic adventure novel that you can’t put down.”

Read and discover more here.

2.  Discover a new radio station

Tune away from the safety of the big commercial radio stations or BBC Radio 1 and add Amazing Radio to one of your DAB radio presets.

3.  Watch the support bands

Next time you go to a gig, plan to arrive a little earlier to catch the support bands. Remember everybody has to start somewhere, and you might just discover a star of the future. At the last gig we went to, we found Dan Owen and he blew our tiny minds.

4. Listen & share a new music podcast.

Thanks to Serial and 4G smart phones, the humble Podcast has a new lease of life. Why not download the aCast app, they host hundreds of amazing shows including our very own Lost On Radio Podcast.

5. Listen to the Discover playlists on Spotify

Next time you use Spotify navigate away from the front page and click on the Discover playlists in ‘Your music’, you might just discover something incredible like The Daydream Club. An unsigned band that have amassed almost 5m plays just through organic playlist sharing.

6. Post a video from an unknown artist on your Facebook wall

At last count Adele has racked up over 700m views of the ‘Hello’ video, seriously she doesn’t need any more help. How about you switch your attention to an artist that doesn’t have the luxury of a vast promotional budget. You could start with Officer, he makes great videos and did we mention… he’s our artist of the year.

7. Take a day off from selfies

For one day how about you swap your duck face pout for an image of a lesser known but equally beautiful unsigned band or artist. You could try model-esque singer songwriter Jerry Williams, she’d look great in your Instagram feed. Go on give her some love.

8. Trade your coffee money for music

How about one day a week you give Starbucks or Pret a miss and instead head to Bandcamp. This online retailer offers artists a better revenue split than iTunes and since it started, fans have paid artists over $134million. Reinvest your coffee money in some new music. Here are a couple of suggestions of ways to spend your money. Shy Nature EP  / She Makes War

9. Pick up and read a real new music magazine

Forget about NME they are too busy chasing circulation and advertising revenues, focus your attention on DIY Magazine, they have neatly taken over where our beloved Fly left off, offering impartial, expert new music reviews. Find the magazine in cooler bars and clubs across the country or download the mobile app.

10. Visit an independent record shop

Saturday April 16th is Record Store Day, but don’t limit yourself to just one day. Not every artist has the benefit of major label distribution or the end of racks in HMV. Your local independent record store is staffed by people with a genuine passion for music, go test out their knowledge and ask for a recommendation!