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Isaac Neilson Is Ready To ‘Tear This Down’

Isaac Neilson - Tear This Down

Isaac Neilson is an up-and-coming UK singer-songwriter with a knack for clever metaphors and a unique sense of humour. His fourth single of the year, Tear This Down, comes as his most energized tune to date.

Isaac Neilson – Tear This Down

After cutting his teeth, working in several studios, and playing for different artists, Isaac Neilson decided to take control and propel his own career. Driven by his compelling take on Indie rock and witty lyricism, Isaac has developed an irresistible sound that results in an absolute feast for the ears.

In a short period of time, Isaac accomplished goals that usually take way longer for other artists, going from being a humble bedroom act to performing at festivals with prominent acts such as Stereophonics, Jake Bugg, The Human League, and Sugababes.

Following the release of three formidable singles: The Fall, Deep As A River, and On The Rails, this performer has unveiled the fourth instalment of his short yet splendid discography in the form of Tear This Down.

For starters, of all his melodies so far, this track stands out as the most energetic one, Isaac’s voice brims with unquestionable passion, going back to back with the crisp drums, foot-tapping baseline, kicking guitar riffs, and a criminally addictive hook that will live rent-free inside your head for weeks.

Tear This Down is an aural roller-coaster, relentless, and almost hypnotic at times, resulting in a true auditive delight.

Isaac Neilson is on a roll right now, with no signs of stopping any time soon, his trademark sound will only get better from here, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what his artistic growth will bring next.

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Words Javier Rodriquez