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Kanadia Dedicates Second Album To ‘June’

Kanadia June

Further expanding on the themes of mental health, depression, and anxiety, Kanadia’s sophomore record ‘June’ contains most of the tracks available in their two EPs Big Nothing (2021) and Distant Life (2022), plus some previously released songs and new material.

Kanadia – June

At this point, Oxford’s Kanadia can get recognized for their ability to go from 0 to 100, creating high-energy gems, and then surprise you with more meticulous and slower work, elements that you will find in this album, as well as some fascinating treats.

The name of this musical work has a deep and personal meaning for the lead vocalist James Bettis, taking inspiration from his beloved grandmother:

June was the name of my Nan who passed away in 2019. I was really close to her and grew up in her house. She was like a second mum to me. She grew up in London during World War II and was evacuated to Somerset. About a month before she died I visited her and asked her about her life. She got out a box of photographs dating back to the 1930s and was telling me these gripping stories about bomb raids in London all like it was no big deal and just a part of everyday life“.

This LP starts with a complete blast of a song called Feel It Again. James Bettis’s vocals have never sounded better, evoking absolute distress complemented spectacularly by distorted guitars, steady drums, and a sorrowful production that builds into an epic close.

My OH My spice things up by leaving the poignancy aside to focus on heavier riffs, working as a more traditional hard-edged Rock track, granting this record an enticing variety.

From this point, the intensity only increases with Holes, featuring colorful synths, faster riffage, and a wilder, frantic instrumentation that ends in the most cathartic way possible.

Next comes a favourite from Distant Life in the form of Wish Away My Time, going back to the haunting vocals and the melancholic lyrics, which are as well-written as they are heart-rending.

Hi/Lo finds itself somewhere in the middle of this clash of ideas, with thrilling drumming and addictive hooks adorned with an unforgettable chorus. The track as a whole feels like a hybrid between early Silversun Pickups with Matt Bellamy on vocals.

Big Nothing introduces us to another gorgeously produced track with an acoustic first verse that bursts into an impactful chorus.

Devoured showcases the versatility of this band, instead of playing it safe and conforming to a predictable structure, these guys are not afraid to trick you (in a good way), shifting gears and ending or completing a song in ways that you wouldn’t be able to predict by either changing the tempo or adding some interesting dynamics.

Where’s Your Friends/Wild is the equivalent of a panic attack-made song, perfectly depicted by its slow rhythm section, turning this piece into the most atmospheric melody arguably in Kanadia’s entire discography.

All I See shares some of those same traits in the previous tune, but this time it dives once more into that compelling contrast of steadiness versus frenzied distortions.

The self-titled June is one of the pillars of this LP, flooded with sentiment due to the already mentioned inspiration behind it, guaranteeing to touch some emotional fibres with its ballad-esque nature.

Elysium, the final track, keeps things simple with a beautiful acoustic rendition and James’s voice, giving this musical odyssey a dignified closure.

“June thrives thanks to its interesting sonic concepts, stunning performances, and absorbing songwriting.”

Despite the inherited sadness present all over this work, all these fantastic compositions were made thinking on a more cathartic outlet, hoping that people suffering from these afflictions can find some solace in this record.

June is the pinnacle of a year full of triumphs for Kanadia, truly a gem of an album that surpassed the expectations established in all their former recordings.

Kanadia has planned a launch show in Oxford at The Bullingdon on December 9th, don’t forget to support them if you have the chance!

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Words Javier Rodriguez