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Avi Kytes And Hazel Join Forces On ‘We Got Used’

Hazel and Avi Kytes We Got Used review on the Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Avi Kytes and Hazel’s ambient heartbreak track.

Avi Kytes And Hazel – ‘We Got Used’

‘We Got Used’ is a title that raises a few questions. In the context of a breakup, it seems to imply that the fault lies with both parties or else with some third, unseen force. It’s a title that reflects the layered, both-sided approach to this track from two collaborating artists. 

Avi Kytes and Hazel are both UK-based artists. Having both seen substantial growth in their solo careers, these real-life friends have joined forces to release this track together.

“We Got Used is an airy, gently devastating piano breakup ballad, with a synthy edge.”

‘I got used to the shadow we would cast every time I turned to you’ sings Avi Kytes, his lyrics narrating the more bewildered partner in the breakup, wondering ‘how’d you let me go?’. Hazel’s part reveals another side to the story, as she states she ‘had to put my foot down, draw a line’ and ‘tried to let you know the reason’. The well-crafted melodies and intimate lyrics create a compelling atmosphere, topped off by both singers’ tender, understated, yet polished vocals. The catchy chorus, with its ‘we got’ hook, finds some middle ground, admitting they were both making ‘promises neither of us could keep’.  

The production is fairly simple, with steady piano chords at its centre, yet makes use of layers of hollow, lonely synths and whispery backing vocals, creating both a sense of space and claustrophobia. Fans of modern heartbreak pop singer-songwriters like Halsey and James Arthur will find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell