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Hayes & Y – Try To Get Back To Joy On Empty Orchestra

Hayes&y empty orchestra

Immaculately good vibes and a 70’s disco edge is what the newest single from Hayes & Y provides. The multi-national group have nailed catchy songwriting to the tee with ‘Empty Orchestra’.

Hayes & Y – Empty Orchestra

Despite the lyrics wavering on the slightly more melancholic side, the mesmerisingly joyous melodies juxtapose the lyricism very cleverly. ‘Empty Orchestra’ is the type of song that you play once and will furthermore have it stuck in your head all day- meaning it is for sure a magnificent piece of musical artistry. Speaking on the lyrics, frontman Blagoslav Anastasov notes that “The lyrics are about trying to get back to a moment of joy and making it last longer.”

This recent release by the stellar four-piece showcases brilliantly the groups’ ability to change up their sound. Hayes & Y clearly love their more experimental take on songwriting and as a listener, we can hear the joy and passion in their music. The band have successfully exhibited their talent to Manchester and are now ready to show everyone else just how musically apt and creative they are.

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Words Sophie Bourgeois