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Glitter Etiquette Count Down From ‘25’

Glitter Etiquette 25 review on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Glitter Etiquette’s dreamy, spacey indie.

Glitter Etiquette – ‘25’

25. Although one of the less iconic ages, it does make you think as you begin the slow pursuit of 30, and dare I say it, adulthood. Here, in Glitter Etiquette’s track that seems to exist slightly out of time, 25 stands as a milestone that they fear not making it past, and not being able to get back to.

Glitter Etiquette is an indie four-piece based in New York. Releasing steadily since 2022, this track comes from their EP ‘Springfall’, and features a remix by Oby Wolf.

‘25’ is a hypnotically chilled indie track, with synthy and broody influences from the 1980s and 1990s.

The lyrics are ambient, opening ‘all the places I’ve been to, trying to walk in the music’, again seemingly occupying somewhere beyond time and space. But the doubts and frustrations are clear, with lines like ‘times are changing, but I’m still in bed’ and ‘mean anything, want anything’. The melodies are dreamy, and delivered in delicate, airy vocals reminiscent of The Smiths, with haunting backing harmonies.

The production centres around hazy guitars and drifting synths, alongside insistent beats and a humming bass. It’s atmospheric, swooping and washing over you yet always maintaining plenty of space. At over 5 minutes it’s a little long, coming to a fluttering, perhaps overdue ending, but this is a track to get lost in, not exactly a dancefloor filler. Fans of acts like The Smiths and Smashing Pumpkins will find something to enjoy here.

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Words Eden Tredwell