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Glisz Takes Us On An Experimental Journey With Debut ‘Circle’

Glisz - Circle

With a keen ear for experimental sounds and a hand-picked entourage in tow, Glisz enthrals on his debut album release ‘Circle’.

Glisz- ‘Circle’

Glisz’s style has grown rapidly since his 2020 debut release ‘Bloom’. This is not to criticise that previous project. In fact, the appearance of two of ‘Bloom’s’ standout tracks- ‘Keraal’ and ‘Organica’- only emphasises the ever-presence of Glisz’s strong grasp on the experimental. Yet, this new set of tracks are imbued with a greater sense of urgency, each shaping itself as a new example of how Glisz has taken the solid foundations laid on ‘Bloom’ and built upon them.

‘’Circle truly feels like a fully-realised concept; with each collaborator offering some special and unique throughout the project.”

Far more than just a loose collection of tracks, ‘Circle’ is instead akin to a “musical journey through remote landscapes and refined sounds”, wrapped in a distinct atmosphere. Bookended by the dually named ‘Circle Act 1’ and ‘Circle Act 2’, the strongest concept behind the project is that of an artistic form of the Ouroborean circle. This is a theme made most obvious through the efforts of Amr Hani and Marc Jans. Hani’s stellar touch in using the waveforms of each track to mould mountainscapes pairs perfectly with Jans’ circle design; creating a most memorable piece of artwork. Despite existing in vastly different genres, the concept brings to mind King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s stellar 2016 project ‘Nonagon Infinity’, wherein the first and last tracks tie together and perfectly segue into one another. Glisz’s blend of electronic and downtempo music suits this theme excellently- with slow fades and gradually building vocals throughout the album producing a natural ebb and flow that assists each piece in joining to the next.

Despite the consistent tone adopted throughout the project, each track offers something different through Glisz’s partnership with a variety of worldwide features. From Diamonde’s standout vocal performance on the lush and moody ‘As We Fall’ to Valeria’s rain-drenched saxophone runs on ‘Iridium’, each collaborator contributes to the overall tone of Glisz’s vision by injecting their own personal touches into the tracks. Of particular note is Jodie Knight, who absolutely kills her vocal contribution to ‘Undressed’. Knight easily makes the piece her own, her ephemeral vocals gliding across the smooth downtempo instrumental Glisz provides. Often, projects with a large feature list struggle to carve their own identity- smothered under the weight of a multitude of different voices. In the case of ‘Circle’, these voices only add to Glisz’s solid identity as both a musician and auteur.

Having received the outstanding post-production award from the Musician’s Institute Hollywood and with ‘Circle’ being published by the esteemed EGO LO-FI, Glisz is steadily gaining the widespread recognition he deserves. Check out ‘Circle’ today for an entry into the world of one of electronic music’s most exciting up-and-comers.

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Words Angus Nisbet