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Gabrielle Ornate Surrenders To ‘Delirium’

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Embodying female empowerment alt-pop siren Gabrielle Ornate is back with a song that could be described as an invitation to aural open-mindedness this is Delirium.

Gabrielle Ornate – Delirium

Since her debut two years ago, Gabrielle Ornate has made a name for herself in the independent scene, delivering high-quality songs like The March of The Caterpillars, Free Falling, Phantasm, and The Undying Sleep, all of which currently have thousands of streams on Spotify.

Already starting the year on the right foot, her newest melody, Delirium, has already been championed by BBC Introducing Track of The Week. Also, it has received praise from the host of BBC Radio 6 himself, Tom Robinson. But what’s all the fuss about? Well, let’s keep reading to find out!

Thematically this song has Gabrielle’s characteristic poetic style, and it talks about just letting yourself go, surrendering to a world of immeasurable bliss and inhibited rapture. Beautifully penned, her endearing songwriting fits like a glove with the overall vibes presented in this track.

Once again proving her versatility, Delirium diverges from its predecessors, leaving aside the colourful, dreamy pop in favor of a more alt-rock-focused composition.

A disorienting guitar introduces us to this piece, followed by crunchy riffs that blend incredibly well with Gabrielle’s charming delivery. All these elements escalate into a trippy chorus that feels like an auditive awakening.

Delirium is a spiritual odyssey through your ears, heavenly as it is infectious.

From the accessibility of pop to the hardness of rock, Gabrielle Ornate has developed a musical identity that is not attached to any specific genre, instead, she has opted for a cornucopia of sounds adorned by her well-rounded songwriting. So follow Gabrielle’s advice and surrender to the bliss and joy within this tune.

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Words Javier Rodriguez