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Fearn ‘Lake Annecy’ Is The Sound of Memories

Fearn Lake Annecy

Quite a bold headline I’ve picked there, haven’t I. But hear me out; this lovely little track from Fearn might just be the closest we’ll get to a sonic representation of memories.

Fearn – Lake Annecy

The hazy quality, the eclectic sounds, all remind me of the times I recall a precious memory – some details sharper than others, but everything tinted with golden light. Give ‘Lake Annecy’ a listen, perhaps you’ll feel the same.

Fearn is Sussex-based producer and songwriter Will Taylor, joined here for this first release by singer-songwriter Lorphe (albeit the collaboration was done in entirely separate rooms.)

‘Lake Annecy’ is a dreamlike blend of the synth and the orchestral that evokes the intoxication of falling in love.

‘Stay’, breathes Lorphe in her breathy, soaring vocals, throwing in some impressive melisma as well. The lyrics are a tad abstract, but perhaps if you squint hard enough you can picture the titular lake, the feeling of ‘sinking down’ and ‘sunlight in my eyes’. I couldn’t hum you the chorus, but it all washed over me so delightfully that I don’t mind.

The production moves from sound to sound in an almost Impressionist manner – a harp, some sweet strings, even a touch of brass – but is all underpinned by a synth foundation and a lovely piano motif. The track even manages to settle into an acoustic guitar-led groove for a while. It’s all echoing, vaguely distant, bordering on the angelic, and for a first release shows a real eclectic identity. Fans of the ambient and the classical can both find something to enjoy here. Keep an eye out for Fearn.

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Words Eden Tredwell