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Kamora Deliver An Indie Banger With ‘Careful’

Kamora Careful

Glasgow band Kamora certainly knows how to create infectious songs.

Kamora – Careful

Kamora’s track ‘Careful’ commands to be listened to and adored. From the get-go, the contributions don’t lack grandiosity, as it flows flawlessly into an indie banger.

Everything seems happy on the outside, but the lyrics tell us differently, and the band describes alcoholic tendencies, broken relationships, and worlds breaking under the weight of sorrow. It seems like the band has designed this song as a lifeline for many, to tell people that life is worth living and abusing your mind and body will take you to a dark place.

‘Careful’ balances well-tuned guitar sounds with an infectious melody. The percussion is also on point, delivering a raucous input. The chorus has positive elements, but as mentioned, the track isn’t rose coloured. It breaks ground musically, and that is what the band wants to achieve in such a cut-throat industry. Above that they want their lyrics to tell stories, anecdotes that resonate.

Careful may be upbeat in its musicality, but it has so much more going for it. It’s a song dreamy in its execution and one sourced by talented minds, which can only be good for the genre that the band chooses to work upon. The song is catchy, there’s no doubting that, but the layers which keep the track on top, are more interesting. These layers showcase how good this band is at serving up songs that have meaning and intent. Careful is only the start.

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Words Mark McConville