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Evran Goes In Search Of ‘A Perfect Day’ With Reflective Release

Evran A Perfect Day

Flying around the continents and countries, like an angel or a dove, Evran asks us questions to which we are all afraid to look for answers.

Evran – A Perfect Day

What music comes to your mind when you are sitting in total darkness? Maybe, it is white noise from TV? Sounds of the street and malls, where do you go shopping? Or it would be jazz? Or even the phrases of your parents or former partners that killed your self-esteem? What do you think about, looking into complete emptiness, just to distract yourself from those very stupid, petty and obsessive thoughts that haunt us day after day, giving us no peace?  

I invite you to conduct a unique experiment: at night, turn off any light source in your room, close the windows so that there is absolute darkness, sit on the floor in the middle of your room and turn on this album. You can do this with your partner. The main rule is not to talk to each other during the experiment. And if suddenly your parents come into your room with questions about what you are doing here – say that you are meditating; you will not go very far from the truth. So, when you have done all the instructions and the first track starts playing in your ears – try not to think about anything and make thoughts come up from outside. 

Do you feel how unrelated memories come to you, at the same time extremely abruptly, absurdly? An extremely strange feeling, yes, as if this album is pumping out of your soul all the dust and dirt accumulated during your existence. Do you feel like you are being cleared of this rubbish? It becomes easier for you to breathe, your posture straightens, and you gradually fall down… Nothing but some kind of force envelops you and then puts you on your back. Surrender to this feeling, give yourself to it, let it do its job and then disappear into the air. 

 ‘A Perfect Day’ feels as a look from above, raised to the very paradise as the human eye, which has become God’s. Evran seems to be looking at us from a height, as if our loved people, that left us, are watching at us from the other world. He is staring back at us even from the album cover like an old family photograph of your ancestor that you’ve never seen. The picture carries an ultimatum emotion that condemns you for your sins and encourages your efforts to be better. His face is soulful and stern, but at the same time it carries a certain human goodness that radiates from even the most evil and unfriendly people.   

How do you feel when you look at this photo of your grandparents? It would seem that this is an ordinary photograph, but the longer you look at it, the clearer and stronger the connection between the two of you will be. Will you hear from her static image what you want to hear, or what you do not want to listen, so as not to get feel worse mentally? Does they look at you with anger, with indifference or with pride? Or do you just need to think about what sits in you, that you came for advice to that thing, from which you do not expect anything of value for you?

Your grandma or grandpa, standing next to your father in his child age, would probably say to you now: Oh, you have become so thin lately, nothing bothers you? As a child you were so active and so cheerful, but now you are so drooping and closed in yourself. Surely something happened, and you continue to remain silent, afraid to go to someone for advice. You sigh sadly, put the frame on the table and stand near it for a while. 

We’re all very wrapped up in the idea of perfection. The perfect life, job, man, woman. Many live and idolize memories from the past of perfect days, and use them to place the bar of what a perfect day is.

Each song here is the embodiment of the pace of life, with a character trampled in the mud and smashed to smithereens, or enchanted by beauty. For each image, Evran finds a unique musical approach: for a hero in love, he plays more sublimely and romantically, for a tragic hero or antagonist – mechanically, accurately, and frighteningly calculating, for a sad landscape – appropriately depressing. And at the same time, whatever happens inside the song – its shell or rather the ozone layer of the composition will always be equally volatile, airy and fragile. Whether it’s a post-apocalyptic instrumental or faster and dreamier soft rock – they all feel invariably subtle and gentle, as if trying to find at least a little good and light even in the thickest darkness.

So, the album has finished playing, the experiment is over. Take your seats. Come back to reality, turn on the lights, and open the curtains like its morning. Now, that you have walked along your life path again, inspired and gaining strength from the events and images of the past, it’s time for reflection and analysis. I know, it’s frustrating and unpleasant, but we have to sum up the moral of our story. Have you ever wondered what kind of life we`re all living? The only support we have is the ghosts of our past days. The only way to get you comfort is to wade through prickly thorns to the stars. The only happiness is the realization that you have found the strength in yourself to pull yourself together and continue to go towards your goals. Will we never have a single perfect day when we will be happy and at peace, when we will be sincerely happy without any sediment in the soul that will have to be washed away? Will we ever reach the ideals that we dream about and that will ideally come together?


I swear, I would like to know as much as you.

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Words Otis Cohan Mone