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Aishvan Takes An Unexpected Turn With Start Over

Aishvan - Start Over

Aishvan releases his second single ‘Start Over’ and sets off on a nu-disco path embracing a more optimistic attitude.

Aishvan – Start Over

After a haunting urban noir debut with his lead single, I Gotta Go, Toronto singer and composer Aishvan decided to reintroduce his upcoming album to the world with a follow-up that signals an official change in direction.

Start Over officially resets the project in sound and attitude, taking a much more dance-oriented road with an enticing nu-disco beat and sporting lyrics that, instead of dwelling on resentment, opt to gather the shards of shattered love and try to re-write what could have been a success story from the beginning.

“Smooth textures and optimistic vibes.”

If calling the new sound “happy” would be a bit of an overstatement, the atmosphere now exudes hope for a bright future that might just be lurking around the corner. “So how ‘bout we just take it slow this time?”, asks our ever-besotted hero, trusting their newfound maturity to guide them.

The electronic, retro-futuristic sound is a showstopper and fills the room with its smooth textures and optimistic (albeit still slightly melancholic) vibes. Aishvan’s vocal prowess really gets to glare in the chorus, which his falsettos bring to life filtered through the slight distortion that endows his performance with a metallic gleam.

Representing his loved one, Mriis steps into the song after the first chorus and expresses their shared feeling of nostalgia and yearning for each other. “Been a minute since you/Loved on me touched on me (…) And I don’t want no distance between us/Want our worlds to collide”, she confesses. Perhaps in order to stay true to the more carnal nature of her verses, the girl’s voice is kept rawer.

After this surprising release, one is left excited for the upcoming album ‘None of This Was Easy’, which is out on 19 August with third single Been Away due on the 12th. Aishvan himself states that he has decided to make the song’s message a metaphor for the whole project and change its direction to bring it closer to Start over. Nothing to say, apart from: more power to him!

Aishvan has been singing since the age of three and has been a songwriter since he was 14. He approaches music in an extremely personal manner and claims it has “saved my life more than once”.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio