Danielle Schroeder Finds Inner Glory On ‘Know Myself’ 

Danielle Schroeder returns with her latest single ‘Know Myself’, the most recent offering taken from her recent EP, ‘Between Two Worlds’.

Danielle Schroeder – Know Myself

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Danielle has moved from strength to strength with her recent releases ‘Dying Light’ and ‘Redwing Blackbird’. With her brand of ambient folk, ‘Know Myself’ explores each personal stage of self-discovery and awareness.

Straight from the outset, the track instantly reconciles with the past – “Too many times I’ve let you go”. It’s this retrospective attitude that gives the single its authentic feel, really allowing the reader to feel the story and imagery crafted by Schroeder. Artistically, ‘Know Myself’ embodies the likes of Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman to give the record its angelic feel. This golden vibrancy is carried throughout the single as the choruses become more affirming and anthemic each time.

The ambient acoustic guitars and silky melodies evoke a strong sense of empathy within the record. Special mention must go to the heavenly strings which float across the airwaves, elevating it to the next dimension. The track isn’t complex in its arrangement, but this simplicity is what makes the track feel special. There are no flashy guitar breaks or dramatic drum solos as such would ruin what makes ‘Know Myself’ feel magical. The soul-affirming lyricism of Danielle Schroeder, coupled with the ethereal instrumentation, is the singles ticket to musical ecstasy

Inspired by the stories of those closest to her, Schroeder started her career in music as a coping mechanism. Working as a counsellor, Schroder enthuses her art with the experiences of those around her. From an artistic point of view, this helps ‘Know Myself’ to feel as soul-affirming as it does authentic.

‘Know Myself’ is a glistening ode to self-love and redemption, complete with angelic melody and shining string sections.

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Words Alex Malpass