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Danielle Bloom Declares ‘I Am Woman’

Danielle Bloom - I Am Woman (Cover)

Prepare to be wowed by Danielle Bloom’s vibrant take on ‘I Am Woman’.

Danielle Bloom – I Am Woman (Cover Version)

Heavy hitting rock goddess Danielle Bloom was destined for the stage with an impressive musical resume backing her, from belting out the National Anthem at sporting events to playing the opening act for artists such as the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. The fiery rock-n-roll heroine has even teamed up with writers and her own brother, Kid Rock bassist, Aaron Julison, to blossom her own collection of killer tracks, and spoiler alert, they blow you away! Danielle’s latest release comes in the form of an all-powerful and enthralling cover of ‘I Am Woman’ originally by Helen Reddy.

Danielle’s twist on ‘I Am Woman’ oozes with confidence, strength and a dash of theatricality. The determined drum beat opens the track and you know you’re in for a ride. The artist matches the undoubtedly empowering vibe to the track, which is naturally fitting for its motivational title. Danielle’s version of ‘I Am Woman’ establishes its unconventional sound early on as it teases you with its hints of different genres merging together from the classic rock heaviness to softness that has flickers of country to it. 

Danielle’s voice transcends power that is reminiscent of Joan Jett and other female rock-n-roll legends. There is raw power and drive to her voice but it is also incredibly crisp, clear and at times, has a softness to it. You can tell that Danielle is genuinely passionate about her artistry which only adds to her charm.

‘I Am Woman’ is not a track to ignore as Danielle punches with her rich vocal talent 

The musicianship also deserves praise as it delivers on playing up an enjoyable rock-n-roll break that feels natural and complements the rest of the track excellently. What’s more, is that Danielle makes ‘I Am Woman’ feel like a rock anthem as the slower tempo in the verses, the talented vocals and the explosive chorus all wrap into a bundle that just hits right. This captivating track delivers a story and a journey that leaves you feeling upbeat.

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Words Holly Hammond