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Colorwave’s new single ‘Thirst’ is all punchy guitars and thrashing drums

Colorwave Thirst

With punchy guitars and thrashing drums, Colorwave’s new single ‘Thirst’ is your new favourite anger release track.

The entirety of the 3 minutes and 18 seconds is filed with pure rebellious angst. A sense of heated exasperation is expelled from every chord strung and every breath taken. Colorwave display their furious expertise to create such an impassioned and indignant take on music.

‘Thirst’ is a gut-level punch of extreme passion with the meaning behind the release being ‘a deep and primal sense of longing for something that makes you feel alive’.

Colorwave have taken a hard-hitting experimental take on genre-blending which has created a monster of a performance, a beautifully created monster to say the least. There is no doubt that most listeners will feel the urge to shout or scream along to the heartfelt lyrics which for many acts as a type of release during the times that we now live.

‘Thirst’ by Colorwave is a definite new release to check out, their talent is whole-heartedly displayed and their ingenious writing ability will assuredly take them to new heights this year.

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Words Sophie Bourgeois