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Chris Perkins Because Somethings Are ‘Meant To Be’

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Known for his DIY approach, multidisciplinary artist Chris Perkins has released a brand new EP called Meant To Be. Consisting of 4 tracks, MTB is a fantastic blend of genres that exemplifies the versatility of this proficient performer. Chris Perkins has delivered a record that keeps you guessing what will come next.

Chris Perkins Meant To Be

For California-based Chris Perkins, his artistic journey started when he saw his sister perform at a music showcase, planting the seeds of a lifelong passion destined to happen. He started playing the guitar at a young age and eventually became a ‘one-man band’ learning to play different instruments. Such dedication led him to begin producing, writing, and releasing his own work in 2018, fully embracing the DIY philosophy.

Ready to keep growing and maturing as a musician, his latest work, Meant To Be, is an engaging release that exudes creativeness, showcasing what he has learned over the last couple of years, denoting the plethora of influences in this young talent’s style.

As sweet and satisfying as the fruit it alludes to, the first single, ‘Pineapple’ shows Chris is no pushover regarding his wordplay or singing ability, switching effortlessly between the two. Additionally, the smooth production of this track makes it a delightful aural trip.

It’s from this point where the previously mentioned versatility in Chris’s sound becomes more evident, ‘Champagne Kisses’ drops the hip-hop flow in favour of chill instrumentation, displaying this singer’s vocal prowess, adorned by gentle guitar strums, perfectly complementing this light yet effective performance, as well as the lyrics which talk about the high point in a relationship when you can’t get enough from that other person.

‘Memories’ takes everything that makes the previous song stand out and takes it even further, highlighted by the most emotional delivery in this record, and knocking it out of the park with its delightful piano arrangements and irresistible bass.

Wrapping this short collection of songs with a nice bow, ‘Thinkin Bout You’ features a collaboration with producer KooyaBeats and reflects on Chris haunted by his past while struggling to move on, beautifully accompanying this poignant sentiment with infectious beats, dreamy back vocals, and one of the most pleasing guitar solos you will hear in a while.

“Meant To Be is a memorable auditive narration filled with remarkable moments.”

Meant To Be represents a huge step forward for this up-and-coming singer, not only for all the personal effort put into it but also because it demonstrates that he isn’t afraid of taking risks lyrically and production-wise. Intimate, sincere, and engaging on every tune, this is a must-hear for anyone who wants to enjoy a concisely riveting record.

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Words Javier Rodriguez