Charity Children Reveal Striking Visuals For ‘She Still Wants You’

Charity Children pair their uplifting pop sound with striking visuals for ‘She Still Wants You’

Charity Children ‘She Still Wants You’

Off the back of their third album ‘Almost Young’ which was released in early October, Charity Children share the music video for their track ‘She Still Wants You’. The track’s fusion of uplifting synths and Elliott’s distinct vocals and playful lyrics prove that the duo’s sound is eclectic as ever as well as being catchy and endlessly creative. 

The video is suitably quirky, featuring a performance from vocalist Elliott in a flamboyant costume that is both tongue-and-cheek and impossible to peel your eyes away from. Intriguing and captivating, the visuals are almost as colourful as the duo themselves.

Cinematic in its approach, Charity Children exemplify exactly why they are a duo to remember, as they showcase their skills as both musicians and entertainers. In a world where it is hard to stand out from the noise, Charity Children have managed to create a distinctive niche that is authentically and admirably individual. Injecting just the right amount of playfulness to their uplifting sound, this is a duo that will have you musing on life’s complexities, whilst wanting to get up and dance.

The duo are self-aware and reflective which comes across strongly in their music, their relationship history is a key feature in the album and has provided ample opportunities for the duo to bring new lyrical themes and angles to their sound.

The New Zealand native duo, now residing in Berlin, have made a name for themselves with their offbeat pop sound and epic narrative. Their sound ranges from soulful and personal to uplifting and energising and it’s safe to say we’ll never know what the duo will do next.

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Words Chloe Hadded