Transmission Lost

Transmission Lost’s classic pop-rock ‘One Way Or Another’

Whether it’s Shakespeare penning sonnets to his dark lady, or Bruno Mars asking to leave the door open, the feelings of a man pursuing...

Electro, queer love, and the ‘Glo’ of Roo

I love the term ‘Queer’. Once a slur, it has now been reclaimed by LGBTQ+ folks the world over as a handy umbrella term...
Sophie Penman

Sophie Penman never needs to ‘Try So Hard’

Sophie Penman’s ‘Try So Hard’ is perfect for that sweet spot in the night, when you’re relaxed enough to be feeling good, but not...
Caitlin Lavagna

Caitlin Lavagna shows us ‘How Not To Start A Fight’

In pop music, you can find breakup anthems everywhere you turn. But what is perhaps less common is the graceful breakup anthem, the deep-breath,...
James Greenfield

James Greenfield is ‘Returning’ with his indietronica sound

What happens at the point where indie, electronica, neoclassical and dance music genres meet? Well, apparently, James Greenfield. Describing his sound as ‘indietronica’, he...
Midlight Daily Routine

Classic Brit rock with Midlight’s ‘Daily Routine’

‘I lie in bed, stare at the numbers above my head, and I am panicking, panicking about my life…’ No, that’s not an extract...

Retro meets the future in Partefacts ‘Time Travel’

What do you get when you mix 70s disco, 80s funk, and advice seemingly from the 2050s? Partefact’s ‘Time Travel’, that’s what. ‘Time travel...
Szopa LORE

The dark soundscape of Szopa’s ‘Lore’

“Oh, do you know why I spend my evenings all on my own?” goes the refrain of Szopa’s latest release ‘Lore’. It’s one of...

Psychadelephant’s eco-funk in ‘Have You Ever’

Music and activism have always gone hand in hand, and it’s no exception for Psychadelephant. (Plus, what a fun name! Ripe for festival posters...
The Cole Williams Band

The Cole Williams Band demand your attention with ‘Give Power To The People’

‘The Black Panthers coined the phrase “Power to the People” during the freedom movement…’ - so begins the introductory monologue in ‘Give Power To...

noelle returns with the soft and jazzy RnB ballad ‘Forever Yours’

Rising Canadian pop artist, noelle returns with the unmissable sophomore single, ‘Forever Yours’, the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut, ‘Therapy’. noelle - Forever...

Toronto hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE unveil their pièce de résistance, FABERGÉ

Making a welcome return, Toronto hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE unveil their pièce de résistance, long-awaited debut album FABERGÉ. STAYOUTLATE - FABERGÉ Comprised of Tremayne, Scotty IV,...