Elliot Kid Danger

The energy of Elliot Kid Danger’s ‘Much Too Much’

There’s something to be said for doing your time in the music industry before pursuing a solo career. Experience is valuable, as well as...

The dreamy seduction of Pixia’s ‘If I’m On Your Mind’

‘If I’m On Your Mind’ kicks in with no apologies or hesitant introductions. ‘Why don’t you come on over to mine’ invites Pixia in...

‘This Is Only The Beginning’ for Lee Olivier-Hall

Beginnings are scary. Beginnings are good! Beginnings are everything in between. They represent a fresh chance, a new leaf, the opportunity for everything to...

‘All My Failures’ is ironically a success for Elizabeth II

I can’t be angry that grunge and pop-punk are coming back into fashion. The teenagers of today deserve to apply some unsteady eyeliner, get...
Dual Citizen Rain & Sun

The rainforest pop of Dual Citizen’s ‘Rain and Sun’

‘I was wandering far and wide, searching low and reaching high…’  So opens ‘Rain and Sun’, the latest release from Dual Citizen. A relatable...

Gospel meets folk-pop in Chrisee’s ‘The River’

‘The River’ begins with the sound of water, creamy gospel-style backing vocals, and then a simple, one-handed piano melody, as if played with careful...

The Daydream Club United Behind Ocean & The Moon

Ocean & The Moon feels like an exciting next chapter. You could call it the best of The Daydream Club. The Daydream Club Ocean &...
Ali & The Parade

Ali & The Parade’s irresistible ‘Love You Yet’

Ah, the early stages of love. The butterflies, the uncertainty, the folding of bedsheets into intricate origami sculptures. (Just me? Ok.) There’s something neurotically...
Kitty Finer B-Side

Kitty Finer returns with the intimate B-Sides EP

Kitty Finer first entered our consciousness back in 2015 with Girls In The Garage's video with its downbeat vocal delivery and upbeat brass hooks....

An intimate window into Boywithahalo’s ‘16 years’

Feeling like a stranger, like you don’t belong, is something anyone can relate to. But there’s an extra poignancy for the migrants, refugees and...
Red Light Challenge

Red Light Challenge head straight for the disco floor with ‘Play Pretend’

Long may the current disco revival reign. It’s a genre often associated with cheesy outfits and flailing dance moves, but the deriders often forget...

The indie nostalgia of a ‘County Fair’ with Loops & Loops

‘Underneath the broken lights of the county fair…’. So opens ‘County Fair’ by Loops & Loops, and instantly you envision the dry grass, the...