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Camens Explore Love And Conflict On ‘Confetti & Kalashnikovs’

Camens Confetti & Kalashnikovs review on Right Chord Music

Following their previous single Cynical, Camens keeps the momentum going with their latest release, Confetti & Kalashnikovs.

Camens – Confetti & Kalashnikovs

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, Camens has been on a remarkable journey over the past year, gracing stages across the UK with their captivating live performances. Garnering praise from music media outlets such as Plastic Magazine, CLOUT, and John Kennedy on Radio X, Camens have firmly established themselves as a player in the alternative indie rock scene.

Their last single, Cynical, was a resounding success, amassing over 30,000 streams. and earning praise from us . As a precursor to their upcoming album, WORK/LIFE/BALANCE, Camens ventures further into their musical journey with Confetti & Kalashnikovs. Despite its unconventional title, the song draws inspiration from lead singer Scott Powell’s introspective exploration of love and conflict, weaving together contrasting lyrical themes.

Bolstered by infectious hooks and upbeat instrumentation, Confetti & Kalashnikovs captivates listeners from the outset. The melodic guitar strumming and infectious backing vocals create an irresistible blend, particularly highlighted during the anthemic chorus that beckons audiences to sing along.

With its endearing charm and undeniable catchiness, Confetti & Kalashnikovs emerges as a well-rounded indie rock gem.

Looking ahead, Camens are set to embark on a packed summer of live shows, supporting The K’s in April and gracing the stages of festivals such as Jurassic Fields, Deva Fest, and Weyfest. These performances offer audiences a first taste of their new material, setting the stage for an exhilarating year for this rising band.

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Words Javier Rodriguez