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Blue Slate Capture The Spirit of Longing On ‘Wipers’

Blue Slate Wipers Right Chord Music Blog Review

After being caught up in the thrill of touring life, Blue Slate release a track fuelled by nostalgia and synthesiser rage. The fourpiece Irish shoegazers have unleashed a song eager to be played on repeat.

Blue Slate – Wipers

Blue Slate’s ‘Wipers’ reminisces on classic nineties shoegaze whilst maintaining a current, dramatic sound. This exhilarating single reveals the band parting ways with their previous heavy grunge tones. Blue Slate are more genre diverse and expressive than ever on their new single, and it pays off. 

Lead singer John Harney shows a rawer side than ever to his vocals, furthering the airy sound of this single. Harney’s moody vocals combined with the enthralling rhythm section lend the single to being a neo-psychedelic tune that takes its listeners on a five-minute whimsical journey. 

Sludgy yet melodic riffs keep Blue Slate’s music ever interesting. The band dip into intricate breakdowns as well as substantial depth. 

‘Wipers’ is a promising track, defined by its eclectic charm. The tune has power and authority to it, similar to Mogwai’s epic atmospheric edge. Fuzzy electric guitar and synthesiser immerse listeners in Blue Slate’s unique and solid soundscape. Newly formed in early 2022, the band have us transfixed on the gripping direction of their future music. With transportive and unpredictable qualities, Blue Slate’s music is a must to hear live.

Blue Slate fall deep into angsty blues and sound more established than ever for it.

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Words Zuzu Lacey