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Benedict October’s Heartfelt Tribute ‘Beautiful Way To Die’

Benedict October Beautiful Way To Die on Right Chord Music

Introducing Beautiful Way To Die, a deeply personal melody shared by Dutch singer-songwriter Benedict October, set to feature on his upcoming second LP.

Benedict October – Beautiful Way To Die

Benedict October, an emerging talent from the Netherlands, crafts music that resonates with raw emotion, steeped in nostalgia and occasionally adorned with a theatrical flair, infusing it with profound emotional depth. With the release of his debut LP, You Can Tell Me Nothing I Should (2020), and the EP Here’s What I Forgot (2021), both garnering praise from Dutch media, Benedict has carved a niche for himself in the music scene.

However, it’s his latest creation, ‘Beautiful Way To Die,’ that stands out as one of his most poignant and memorable pieces yet. Inspired by the loss of Benedict’s father and the sombre atmosphere surrounding that tragic period, the song delves deep into themes of grief and acceptance.

Further elaborating on the inspiration for this composition, Benedict explains:

After a month in the hospital, he wanted to go home. He wanted to go to the house he built and die in peace at a place where he felt safe. It took less than 24 hours before he passed away. My mom, sister and I were sitting around the bed holding his hands. It was 3:30 am when he shared his last breath with us, in the living room of his own built house. At that moment I saw one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. As if someone pulled away some grey thin overlay sheet from down to his toes, all the way to over his head. It was as tragic as it was beautiful. It was a beautiful way to die.

The production of Beautiful Way To Die mirrors the melancholy of its subject matter, with haunting piano melodies, layered harmonies, and Benedict’s soulful vocals evoking a sense of palpable emotion through its minimalist arrangement.

“A beautifully tragic tribute, Beautiful Way To Die is captivating from start to finish.”

This heartfelt composition is set to be featured in And Then The Ocean, Benedict October’s forthcoming LP, offering an introspective journey through pivotal moments in the artist’s life, embracing vulnerability with honesty and grace. Scheduled for release next spring, the LP will be accompanied by the short film ‘Yesterday is a Dream,’ a 16-minute narrative exploring the quest for lost love.

Experience the depth and beauty of Beautiful Way To Die as Benedict October invites you into his world of introspection and emotion.

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Words Javier Rodriguez