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Becca James Longs For ‘Innocent Days’

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Becca James ‘Innocent Days’ brings theatrical alt-pop with a big-scale feeling.

Becca James – Innocent Days

What a strange, intangible thing is innocence. It cannot be held or grown, and once gone, it is lost forever – or so the common thought says. Still, endless amounts of music, film, and literature have been dedicated to innocence and its loss, and there’s a part of us that may always yearn to regain our previous innocence. Becca James joins the fray in her tribute to a love gone bad – ‘Innocent Days’. 

Becca James is an alt-pop singer-songwriter based in London. While not a brand-new artist, this latest release marks the beginning of a new era and batch of new material for her.

‘Innocent Days’ is an anthemic alt-pop ode to a toxic relationship, with shades of gospel and euphoria to balance out the darkness.

‘You’re a liar, I’m a loser’ opens the track, with James’ quavering voice capturing and unsettling the ear. Her lyrics are simple yet self-reflective – ‘keep on blaming you when I know better’ – as she unravels her tale of a love once sweet that has devolved into pain on both sides. The melodies start haunting, then kick up a notch with the more high-energy chorus, forming the climbing ‘Turning, turning, turning back to you’ hook. James’s vocals are particularly impressive, showcasing a lot of range and control as she goes from whispers to wails. 

The production combines acoustic, theatrical sensibilities with electronic details; sub-bass beats pulse under the track, but the crashing high-octane piano chords, evoke shades of gospel. The addition of punchy bass and guitar lines give the track warmth. Fans of Florence + the Machine and London Grammar will find pleasingly familiar ground here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell