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Band Of The Week. Fast Planet


Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the Fast Planet  project is the latest instalment in the musical journey undertaken by the band’s core members. Wil Deshazo, Jared Rawlinson and Brandon Herrington who describe their sound as ambient, electronic pop with influences ranging from Thom Yorke, to Telefon Tel Aviv, and Aphex Twin.

Deshazo, Rawlinson and Herrington have been playing music together in a variety of configurations since 1999, and through their musical journey connected with Landon Moore in 2003. Of their many previous incarnations (Dora, U.S. Sunday), the four came together most notably as members of the now-defunct band This Is Goodbye.

By the beginning of 2011, Wil and Landon had become disenchanted with playing straight-ahead rock music. Each found themselves producing electronic music separately, and discussions began of how to create a cohesive project. The two were reunited with Jared and Brandon and the four began a year-long process of experimenting and writing in the electronic realm.

What has culminated is the full-length album, Jes. Mixed by James Joseph (Myla Smith, Ryan Peel) and mastered by Brad Blackwood (Against Me, Maroon 5, Alison Krauss, The Black Eyed Peas), the record is the first chapter in a series of deeply moving, provocative and alluring electronic outings.

The album’s nine songs, which delve into very personal themes of love and loss, demonstrate a clarity of purpose and vision realized through the band’s commitment to exploration and discovery in areas of music which may have once eluded them.


First single ‘I Want Out’ is a deeply personal and honest assessment of the state of a failed relationship. “Between you and me, I want out. It’s just my luck if I can see if there’s no hope for me now.”


The album’s downbeat lyrical content is superbly offset with upbeat glitchy electronica, engrossing bass lines and soaring euphoric soundscapes. Even in it’s darkest moments this album offers a sense of optimism and hope.

Fast Planet’s debut album, Jes, on July 31.