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Band Of The Week. Daughters Of Davis


Living in a Campervan and touring the country for over a year, sister duo Daughters Of Davis are a pairing highly devoted to their music. As a folk collective, angelic vocals and sultry guitars are at the heart of their sound. These sisters are inspirational in their ambition to succeed at all costs and their determination is expressed wonderfully in their gorgeously passionate music.

Their debut album ‘To the Water,’ is a 12 track gem with soulful influences, pop notes and folk undertones throughout. This duo are the female Mumford and Sons, but with bigger voices.

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‘Where Do We Go’ is beautiful, with catchy lyrics and playful yet gentle musicality. The dual vocals are perfectly intertwined with stunning affect, making their sound soft, harmonious and wonderful to listen to.

‘Take My Soul’ is a great tune with the catchiest backing track I have heard for a while. It will make you tap along uncontrollably. As with all their songs, the vocals are breath-taking, with layered harmonies to give depth and mystery to their sound.

‘Heart Locked Up’ is one of the highlights of ‘To the Water’. With bouncy and playful guitars making the song spring to life, this track is one to have to dancing at your desk. Behind the fun exterior of the song are emotive and evocative lyrics that relate to anyone who has ever been heartbroken. This mix of expressive and honest lyrics, strong vocals and folk pop tones makes Daughters of Davis so enchanting. ‘Just Let Go’ is a softer song from the previous. Acting as a ballad, the track has gorgeously velvety vocals and soft poignant guitar plucks. The lyrics are meaningful and passionate and bring a melancholic edge to the album, which is both subtle and perfectly balanced. 

The main thing ‘To the Water’ offers is stunning vocal power. Daughters of Davis could stand on stage with nothing but their voices and still be utterly captivating. As artists these ladies are extremely talented; Soulful and mature, their sound is intoxicating and never fails to make the hairs on your arms stand on end. Currently on their UK tour, get yourself tickets before everyone else falls in love.

Tune in to this week’s Lost On Radio podcast to hear our interview with Daughters Of Davis.

Jen Grimble.


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