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Asiah Holm Sows Seeds of Hope On ‘Wildflower’

Asiah Holm Wildflower on Right Chord Music Blog

Previewing her forthcoming EP, Asiah Holm, delivers a poignant ode to growth and resilience in her latest track, Wildflower.

Asiah Holm – Wildflower

Asiah Holm, a Cree First Nations artist, brings a rich tapestry of influences in her music, blending classical, folk, indie, pop, and electronica. This eclectic mix serves as the perfect canvas for Asiah’s talent for storytelling.

Despite being introduced to music at an early age, it may surprise you to learn that Asiah didn’t pursue formal training until her college years when she earned her Bachelor of Music in 2017. Since then, she has released several singles, including collaborations such as Free Agent with India Oxenberg, the three-song EP Into The Waves, and the single Into Dust, which was featured in director Jane Clark’s film Witchy Ways.

Asiah’s latest release, Wildflower, beautifully encapsulates the idea of pressing onward with courage in the face of adversity and countless challenges. Drawing inspiration from the resilient flowers it’s named after, the song eloquently captures their essence as symbols of growth and hope, flourishing even in the most adverse conditions. This sentiment shines through in the beautifully crafted lyrics:

I’m afraid, But I’m trying to be brave. Facing graves, Where the wildflowers grow on the stone face.

Crafting an atmosphere of contemplative solemnity, this soul-stirring melody is adorned with poignant piano chords that harmonize with Asiah’s powerful vocal delivery. With finesse, it guides you through an auditory journey of resilience and courage, immersing you fully in the emotional landscape of the song.

Wildflower is a remarkable composition, skillfully executed and profoundly moving in its brilliance.

This track serves as the opening chapter of Asiah’s upcoming EP, Self-Portrait, a cohesive exploration of her journey towards healing, with each song representing a pivotal moment in her life. Mark your calendars for May 24th, 2024, as this is a release you won’t want to miss!

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Words Javier Rodriguez